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Gruesome Murder Confession by Kings Player

Image Source: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas / YouTube

Former G League athlete Chance Comanche has confessed to his participation in the tragic demise of a young woman in Las Vegas under the pretense of engaging in “fetish sex”.

The disturbing details were disclosed in an arrest report acquired by FOX5 in Vegas. Telling the station, Comanche acknowledged his involvement in the death of 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers.

Reportedly, 27-year-old Comanche confessed to scheming with 19-year-old Sakari Harnden, whom he had met on a dating app and then terminated the relationship, to plan a sinister plot to eliminate Rodgers.

In a group chat, Comanche allegedly mentioned, “I can snap her neck or just throttle the.” He also supposedly shared a coffin emoji with his presumed partner in a text message obtained by the police.

Comanche informed authorities that he met with Harnden after a game on the road in Vegas to carry out their plan. This transpired during his stint with the Stockton Kings, the Sacramento Kings’ G League subsidiary.

He asserted that Harnden threatened to “eliminate her” if Rodgers didn’t relinquish a Rolex watch, and that he and Harnden devised a strategy to lure Rodgers away from her companions so they could carry out their deadly intentions.

Comanche claimed that he arranged a meeting with Rodgers “under the guidance” of Harnden, posing as someone willing to compensate Rodgers for sexual services.

He purportedly disclosed to Rodgers his inclination for “fetish sex” and expressed a desire to restrain both her and Harnden in a vehicle. According to the report, Rodgers agreed to go ahead with the interaction in anticipation of receiving $1,000, allowing Comanche to bind her hands with zip ties.

Comanche described using an HDMI cord to strangle Rodgers while Harnden used her hands to suffocate the victim. Allegedly, they then disposed of Rodgers’ body in a ditch, concealing it under…stones.

Following that, Comanche guided investigators to the exact whereabouts of

Rodgers’ precise location is indicated on a map. Harnden was apprehended in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Law enforcement revealed that Harnden and Rodgers, formerly companions in Washington state, encountered a disagreement. This occurred when Rodgers, employed as a medical assistant, allegedly shared incriminating information about Harnden’s associate involved in a double killing in California.

Accompanied by her boyfriend Tremaine, Rodgers had traveled from Washington to Las Vegas on December 1 with purported intentions to engage in solicitation, as per the police report. Upon learning about this journey, Harnden allegedly conspired with Comanche to lure Rodgers away from Tremaine and her other acquaintances in Las Vegas with the aim of ending her life.

Meanwhile, the FBI apprehended Comanche at the Stockton Kings’ practice facility in Sacramento on Friday, the day he was released by the team.

Currently held without bail at Sacramento County Main Jail, Comanche is awaiting extradition to face charges in Las Vegas. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has formally accused both Comanche and Harnden of homicide.

Authorities have confirmed Comanche’s scheduled appearance in Sacramento Superior Court at 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Image Source: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas / YouTube


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