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Rudy Gobert Hits Back At Draymond Over Headlock Incident

Image Source: Rudy Gobert @ Instagram

Draymond Green faced a strong retaliation from Rudy Gobert after Green wrapped him in a headlock within the initial two minutes of Tuesday’s game between the Timberwolves and Warriors.

Green’s actions resulted in his ejection, along with Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels, the two players whose altercation sparked the initial conflict.

Gobert has now expressed his viewpoint on the whole incident.

“Every time Steph is absent, he [Green] refuses to play without his partner Steph, hence, he takes any measure to get himself ejected,” Gobert articulated post-game, as reported by The Athletic’s Jon Krawczynski.

Gobert proceeded to condemn Green’s chokehold as “ridiculous behavior.”

Meanwhile, Warriors coach Steve Kerr stepped up to support Green.

“Upon reviewing the footage, it was clear that Rudy had his hands around Klay’s neck, leading to Draymond’s reaction towards Rudy,” he commented. “People on the back of the bench told us that Rudy had Draymond or had Klay, prompting Draymond’s reaction. That’s all I can confirm.”

Kerr also expressed his displeasure with Thompson’s ejection.

“It’s unjustifiable for Klay Thompson to have been expelled from the game,” he said. “I mean, he’s sprinting up the court and someone grabs his jersey, pulling at him. Naturally, Klay reacts, and there’s no way he should have been thrown out. It was absurd, and I was furious about it.”

Ultimately, Rudy Gobert and the Timberwolves emerged triumphant, securing a 104-101 victory.

This was largely thanks to Karl Anthony Towns’ 33 points and 11 rebounds, while Gobert contributed nine points, 13 rebounds, and some particularly exceptional defensive plays.

Image Source: Rudy Gobert @ Instagram


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