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NFL cancels Sunday Night Football Game of the Season. But here is some good news for NFL fans

The NFL has canceled the final Sunday night football game of the season. There are two disadvantages of the next Sunday’s game- All had a likelihood that the games would be dull by the time Sunday night arrived and the other reason being this Sunday is New Year’s Eve, a day when very few Americans would prefer watching television.

In a statement, NFL senior vice president of broadcasting, Howard Katz said, “We felt that both from a competitive standpoint and from a fan perspective, the fairest thing to do is to schedule all Week 17 games in either the 1 p.m. or 4:25 p.m. ET windows. This ensures that we do not have a matchup on Sunday Night Football on New Year’s Eve that because of earlier results has no playoff implications for one or both of the competing teams.”

The last Sunday night football game held by the NFC was on New Year’s Eve in the year 2006, when Chicago Bears hosted the Green Bay Packers. It was expected to be quarterback Brett Favre’s last game with the Green Bay Packers (and widely expected to be his last game ever). Still, only 13.4 million people watched that game, about a quarter fewer than the average Sunday Night Football game that season.

As the last Sunday night football game happens to be the final game of the season, the NFL tries to schedule a game that will definitely have playoff implications for one or both the teams playing.

So if you cannot spend your Sunday without a football game then here is some good news. Instead of ending with a traditional night game, the season will now wrap up with a heavier-than-usual afternoon slate of football games. The only game that will be canceled on the New Year’s Eve is the game scheduled for 8:30 pm. There are 16 games scheduled on Sunday that should definitely make the NFL fans happy.

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